Together We Will Make America Great!

And this is what OUR ruling class has called "white Christian extremists and domestic terrorists".
What we stand in witness of is something entirely different. You decide!

January 06, 2021 / The Birth of our New Nation

"I have been going to write this article for some time now, I wanted to gather my thoughts and digest the experience we were part of.

Today is Jan. 18th - 12 days after what will now be known as the breach on the Capitol.

This is reminiscent of another time in history, where this nations young men and women were asked to travel overseas and fight for the freedoms of this country, only to return home to be spat upon, ridiculed, and shamed for their participation. It seems fitting that the old guard that occupies that building, are the very same draft dodgers, pot smokers, and flower children of that era. (Let me first clarify, that I am not comparing the sacrifice that our young men and women made in Viet-Nam to that of Jan. 06 / only the behaviors that seem to be un-learned).

And in their defense: “I did not inhale”

I will not be shamed for attending this rally, march, protest – nor will I allow anyone to spit in my direction for our participation.

Let me describe our experience, and I am speaking for my wife and I, we stand strong in our convictions. We traveled a total of 7,280 miles over the period of 9 days, and we were blessed to see an overwhelming part of this country….and I stand in AWE."
Jan 6, 2021

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