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First let me clarify as a disclaimer. We have no party affiliation. We have some very strong opinions; those opinions are the opinion of Trumpets for Triumph and many of the members that support us. As we watch the Republican Party continue to cower, and the Democrat Party continue to devour, we will stand directly in the middle and pick up the pieces as “We the People.”

The artwork has been copyrighted and is the sole property of Trumpets for Triumph. The concepts are certainly not new, but they seem to be unique, in our current political crisis.

As you read through the pages we develop, you will get a feel for who we are, the ideology of what we believe, the issues that we think are important, and the difference we intend to make.

We have no outside source of income through advertising, nor will we peddle someone else’s agenda.

We believe this country – “A City upon a Hill”- the beacon of hope throughout the world has come to a crossroads in American politics; they have simply left the people without a voice.

Let me introduce my wife and I. Our names are Cindy and Greg Stocks. We are simple people that believe in the “Word of God.” I am a home builder by trade, my wife is a homemaker. Many times those roles are reversed; because she in her faith is the very foundation in which we build upon. Most often, I have to build it, tear it down, re-do it, paint it; build it again, until I get it right.

As you read through the many articles I intend to write, your advice may be “Greg you should have stuck with your day job, and left the politics to politicians.” My answer would be simple; because myself, and the millions of others like me, focused on our day jobs, believing our government and elected body would keep our country safe from evil.  “That is” the very reason we’re in this mess today.

I am not an educated man; only the education that life has to offer (61 if that was your question). I may make spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, and at times you may not completely agree with what I say.  Isn’t that the beauty of the country we live in, we get to have a voice no matter how simple we are.

If you dismiss the beliefs we have, completely disagree with what we say, or find yourself offended by our writings, then simply find another place to voice your opinion. We are going to sing our PRAISE from here. (Another right which we’ve been given in this great country and the constitution in which it was founded)

So let me introduce you to our membership packages and we will let the American Voice take it from there. (Because it is a new and unique feature I am going to narrate it)

*We do not accept nor ask for donations / but we are launching an e-commerce site that will help in our financial recovery. For now we will not advertise the name of our distributors, only because we do not know how deeply the “stop conservatives voice” movement will cut. We can only go by example: President Trump, Mike Lindell to give a few.

Our PROMISE to you is this: We will not purchase or sell a product made outside this country, without your knowledge of origin. You can’t imagine how difficult that has been. We have been overwhelmed to find that most of the American made manufactures no longer exist, and the amount of our industries that have been outsourced abroad. (75% of that outsourcing goes to China)

Did you know that the Bibles that are sold in our marketplace are produced in China? Let me say that again – did you know that the overwhelming amount of literature and almost all of the religious text, including the Bible is outsourced to Chinese manufacturers?

I really want that to sink in! How deeply troubled our NATION is.

**We have an amazingly talented web designer with more than 30 years of experience. He has been adamant that if we intend to start an e-commerce, we will need to provide amazing pictures of our product, including people holding the product with big smiles on their face to show how pleased they are. (Is this really what works with the American consumer?)

If we were selling you a product that we had manufactured, that market strategy may be true. But our intention is not to sell you something. We live in a land of abundance. There is very little that we need. We all have households full of things.

Our intent is to give you something….HOPE!

The hope is free and you can simply choose to purchase nothing / and we certainly don’t want you to purchase something you don’t need or can’t afford. (I have no intentions of photo shopping a picture of a smiling customer pleased with his reward – we are surrounded by His love…and that is reward enough for me.)

If you do choose to purchase from us this is what we offer:

We Offer the PREMIERE package – this package means you’re ALL IN.

We call this package God – Family – Country & American Values

You will receive a 100% American made bible from binding to ink

*Touched only by the hands that LOVE our God.


Midsize Interleaved Black licorice Bible Inscribed with Trumpets for Triumph

  • Water Buffalo Leather cover
  • Cowhide cover liner
  • Raised hubs on the spine
  • Smyth-sewn pages for strength and flexibility
  • Font size: 9 pt
  • Black Letter Edition
  • Gold gilded edges
  • 3 – 3/8″ wide ribbon markers
  • Dimensions: 9.875″ long, 6.875″ wide, 1.75″ thick
  • Margins: Bottom – 0.5″, Inside – 0.375″, Outside – 1.125″, Top – 0.5″
  • Translators to the Readers and King James Preface
  • Presentation pages
  • 15 Beautifully printed maps with index
  • Printed and bound in the U.S.A.
  • King James text

The gold engraved inscription will read TRUMPETS FOR TRIUMPH

Although the inscription is related to our site – it will have an everlasting impact. The Trumpet is used throughout scripture to sound the alarm. Sixty Four scriptures refer to the use of a trumpet, including but not limited to Revelation.

(We were fortunate enough to find one of the last remaining distributors is the United States that not only prints their bibles, but uses all American products. The paper comes from Maine, the ink and printing comes from Minnesota, and the binding is done in house in Michigan. This will come from hands that love God, to hands that love God, to your God loving hands.)

You will receive a 100% American made flag from cloth to stitching

*Touched only by the hands that LOVE our Country.


  • This 3×5 US Flag is made of Durawavez Nylon to help withstand harsh outdoor environments. Your Flag will be finished with a polyester heading for added strength, four point needle fly hem (4 rows of stitching), and Brass Grommets that will hold strong. Embroidered Stars and Stitched Stripes.
  • I have become deeply offended that we have outsourced our products, to a country that intends to capitalize on it and destroy it from within. THIS is the line you WILL NO LONGER cross. The American flag has a deep meaning to those that salute it, honor it, and to those that have died and are willing to die to defend it.

(We were fortunate enough to locate a distributor that feels as strongly as we do. This Flag is made out of 100% American made products right down to the grommets. This will come from hands that love our country, to hands that love our county, to your country loving hands.)

You will receive a 100% American researched dictionary *Printed by Scholars that know the importance of words


  • We are going to use the Merriam-Webster because it was established here in the United States. We are working with a distributor to find dictionaries that are still printed here. This has turned out to be a harder task than we anticipated, but we will keep on searching. Although many households have dictionaries on hand, it becomes more important for future generation as liberals are re-defining words to fit meanings they prefer.
  • These Dictionaries definitions are not deterred by the online oligarchs that believe they have the right to re-define words to their preferred meaning (this may be one of the most important assets we possess in the future; and for future generations to come / as we all have turned to online access)

You will receive a 100% American researched & compiled American Government.

*Printed by Scholars that know the importance of history and the influence of Christianity.


  • Pave the way for your students to discover the blessings and symbols we hold dear as Americans! Focusing on the U.S. Constitution, the government it established, and the rights and privileges it guarantees, this semester-long curriculum also explores federalism, state and local governments, and the opportunities and responsibilities of citizens. Grades 11 or 12. Approx. 290 pages, softcover.

If you don’t stand for something – you will fall for anything!

You will receive a 10% discount for all future purchases as we start to develop our online store. That store will feature clothing wear, sports gear, stickers and additional apparel.

And you know it – it will all be – AMERICAN made!

So you are buying into my PROMISE that I will not quit; pushing back at those that are pushing against us.

*Who am I to demand such authority? I am YOU. Looking for a way to have my voice heard; willing to take the time and effort to insure that I can no longer be dismissed as insignificant.

I have watched as trillions of dollars have poured out of the American households to economies across the world. All the while profiteers have been making back door deals; those profiteers call themselves our representatives in government. They have made an issue out of a billionaire named Donald Trump stepping forward to become a public servant. Why and where are his tax returns?

While the real question should have always been, how does a public servant become a billionaire?

I have watched as millions of dollars have been poured out of the American pocketbook, into political candidates across our country, to people that have no intention of representing their constituents. We have example after example including our own representative here in the state of Wyoming by the name of Liz Cheney. But it is deeper than that, and it starts at the local levels.

We are at a crossroads folks and we have all heard the definition of ignorance: “if you continue to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different outcome.”

If you buy into this movement – You are not buying into me – you are buying into YOU.

I am simply going to give you a platform that you can voice your concerns “UNCONTESTED by the liberal NOISE.”

Anticipated questions:

  • Will we be successful? (that will depend on the participation – we will do our part)
  • Will we be shut down as a conservative platform? (only if we are successful – and then we will locate another carrier)
  • What makes us different from the rest? (nothing – we are simply trying to unite all those that are shouting)
  • Do we have a Democrat or Republican Party Sponsor (yes-both “we the people”)
  • Are we in this for the money? (I cannot afford this – I cannot afford not to do this)
  • Do you have to purchase to become a member? (No – simply sign up as a member and share us with everyone you know, you will be put on a notification list)
  • What does becoming a member mean? (Good question – we are in a whirlwind of issues that have been created by this administration. If we aren’t directly dealing with the issue, we can direct our members to sites that are taking on the issues that concern them the most.)
  • How to we participate? (Money will not solve this problem; it will take some active participation. But we only ask that you participate in the capacity that you are able.)
  • Will you be able to post directly to the website? (No – if you have something you would like to share, it will go through our editor, and this will help us keep the website free from interference.)
  • What’s expected of me as a member? (Nothing – Everything. We want people to be aware of the truth, and share the truth with all of those willing to hear it.)

Our intent is to become Trumpets in our churches, in our schools, in our communities, in our local, state, and federal governments. Most importantly…in our homes.

What does it mean to be a Trumpet? We are living in a world where a small percentage of our population is determining the direction of our country; where the NOISE that they make is overshadowing the American household.

They are using whatever method, whether that is race, gender, inequality, finances, education, nationality or sexual preference to create a divide. They are using words like xenophobe, bigot, racist, homophobe, extremist, chauvinist toward all those that disagree. They are trying to shame, guilt, and prey upon the kindness of those that have both sympathy and empathy for people and people’s struggles.

So our goal is to turn down their volume. To stand engrained in good American values. This is not a white heterosexual movement; this is an American family movement. They have no right to re-define family (mother, father, sister, brother) to be inclusive. They have no right to teach children in our schools about homosexuality or transgenderism, the American family has the ability to teach their children about values. They have no right to teach children they are oppressed simply because of the color of their skin, the gender in which they belong, the financial class in which they are raised, or by which school they attend. Those are circumstance, and each one can be changed. Not by demanding it, by working toward a goal.

How did entitlement become an American family value?

We are watching as pedophilia is on the rise, child sex trafficking is at a high, states such as California are lowering the age of consent to 11. We are subject to crime throughout the nation; the legalization of drugs is becoming more prevalent; patriotism is at an all-time low within our youth. We are witnessing the degradation of the American family. Is that telling? Or do we just dismiss that as a growing pain?

So again, what does it mean to be a trumpet?

I am going to fight till my last breath to put an end to this demonocracy of which the leftist ideologies have released upon this Republic!

Premiere Purchase

God – Family – Country & American values (as listed) – $350.00

Platinum Purchase

God & Country (Bible & American flag as listed) – $275.00

Gold Purchase

God First – $200.00

Silver Purchase

I am Country (American flag as listed) – $100.00

*Each purchase will include a sticker pack of the website logos and 75 million memberships.

We have additional artwork that will be coming available. All purchasers will receive a 10% discount as we continue to develop our online store. The additional proceeds will go toward developing the American voice website and we will look forward to your participation.

There is no purchase necessary to become a member – please fill out the information required to receive notifications in your mail.

We have some interesting ideas and look forward to hearing yours!

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