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Our Trumpets for Triumph website is a continuation of Trumpets for Trump. You will be able to reach us at both domains. We will continue to leave the pages we developed for President Trump on our website; after all it was President Trump who initiated what we call the American movement. We encourage you to visit those pages and take the time to see all that has been hidden from public view and all the accomplishments he made, while being under constant attack by Democrats and Main Stream Media outlets. You may want to continue to dislike this man (an American President that was treated with disdain) for the simple reason that you were told to, by those who were creating the narrative. We were able to look beyond his callous manner, and see the love that he has for the American People. We were able to see the genuine concern he had for Making America Great Again.  Because we are a Christian household, we were able to witness the genuine love he has for God as he learned to know him throughout his Presidency.  

We made a failed attempt at organizing a horn honking rally – we will leave that for you to view as well. Our vision was to hear the horns blowing not just throughout the country, but worldwide, for the impact he made across our Nations.

Many of you missed out on watching an American President capture the hearts of people; simply by believing in America and the people who live in it. If you believe you will ever have that feeling for Mr. Biden I would be the first to challenge you, about where you harbor your intent. The Democratic Party rallied around the not Trump, never Trump, and the hatred of Trump, to develop a platform. They groomed you, they encouraged you by misreporting his accomplishments, and they impeached him with their lies. While calling him a liar, they tricked you through their deceit. I am not asking you to believe it, simply because I wrote it, I am asking you to find it for yourself. I am still discovering things this President accomplished, because the very people we trust in sharing information with us, only share the information they want us to see.

The Democrat Party is no longer the party of the people. They have become the party of the liberals with left wing extreme ideologies. They developed a platform on hatred; exploited the divisions we have in our country, and encouraged racism to become their rally cry.

So you ask, why continue? Trumpets for Triumph is still very much a grass roots campaign. The Democratic Party has now extended their hatred toward President Trump, to the hatred of all those that supported him. It shouldn’t surprise us coming from a party that built a platform on hate, where would their platform be…without it?

An American Citizen that believes in:  the American foundation, the founding fathers, the Constitution of the United States, American history, the American flag, national pride, patriotic duty, prosperity & integrity, God and country, the American dream and family, has now become known as: white nationalists, white supremacists, Christian extremists, right wing extremists, all in need of white privilege education courses to re-indoctrinate our thinking. Of course it makes no difference, nor is it even discussed, that many of these supporters come from a variety of nationalities, and people that live oppressed, across our nations, are lending a voice as well.

We intend to remain in the fight. We are certainly not a call to arms, for the truth is on our side. We will continue to combat the narratives that they are trying to control; we will continue to share our opinion. More importantly we will open up pages for the American voice to share your opinion as well.

Look for ‘The American Voices’ page. We will be asking for anyone that is interested in writing and sharing an article to submit it to our editor. We will feature it on Trumpets for Triumph. We have a ‘Patriots in Profile’ page established, and will be asking for those that are interested in featuring their Patriot, to submit those to our editor as well.

We will be organizing another rally to be held in June and to use President Trump’s words “It will be wild”- we’ll share more of that as it develops and hope to have a stronger voice. We would like this one to succeed. Although people are tired of politics – this is certainly not the time to quit on the American Movement.

We will be sharing the latest news daily to offer an alternative to the narratives they are spinning on the main stream media networks. We will continue to write articles based on our experience and offer our opinion; most often we will just write a story and let you develop your own opinion of it.

We will never ask for donations, but we do have some amazing copyrighted artwork that we will be offering in the future. That is the capitalist in me; knowing that I will one day have to recover from the money I am spending, and the effort that many others are making on behalf of Trumpets for Triumph.  I will always be honest in our dealings and use only AMERICAN made products. That feature will be coming.

Keep checking in, because we are in this storm TOGETHER!

Folks:  You will never hear me refer to Mr. Biden as President on our pages, nor will I ever publish an article that does. Simply put, this is not a free speech platform – liberals have plenty of places to air their grievances,  and as much as we love intelligent conversation – insults, condemnation, hatred, and accusation do not fall in that category.

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