We are active and vocal and we are being censored and persecuted worldwide for speaking the truth.

Trumpets for Triumph gives home to voices crying for freedom, justice and liberty!

We welcome voices from around the world, not just the USA. If you love the truth, you are welcome here.

American Voices has been developed for just that purpose: “The American Voice”

You will see us post articles and opinions here from time to time, but these pages are for the American People to voice their concerns and stories. We will feature your articles, simply submit them to the editor, and we will take it from there. Because the page is new and we are still in the stages of developing our website, I thought I would share a few of the e-mails that we’ve received. We will make an effort to answer every e-mail in person.

Doug says:

Love your site! Anything I can do to support you please let me know.

We are truly in this storm together Brother!

Trumpets for Triumph:

Thank you for checking us out. We are proud to call you brother. As we start to develop, we are getting more traffic coming through our feed. We are hoping one day to reach all 75 million that we know voted for President Trump, and in our opinion at least another 40 million that they stole from him. Over the next few weeks, we should have most of the site active. Along with the 75 million membership club, we will be introducing a very aggressive national rally, we hope you like it.

We fully intend to stay engaged. The one thing that the other side is counting on is that we will simply go away. No such luck for them. We are here to stay and in some fashion they are going to hear it. They have preyed on the kindness of Christians far too long – now they get to meet the LION!

Rebecca Says:


Trumpets for Triumph: 

We have only just begun. We hope one day to have a minimum of 75 million voices singing HIS praise, and the praises of this country. The United States has been a beacon around the world; we have no intention of letting that light go out.

Continue to watch us, and please continue to check in; we are in this for the long haul.

Debra says:

From the bottom of my heart. I wish to join along and fight for the rights of all Americans, I once wore the uniform of the USA and raised my right hand to defend the Constitution, and my oath has not expired.

Trumpets for Triumph:

Thank you for your service. We are all in this together and it will only be through a united front that we will overcome. Please continue to watch us as we develop this platform. We are in it for the long run.

David from Maine says:

( David is a gentleman I had the pleasure of corresponding with. He writes his own blog, and has some very valuable insight. So I will share part of my conversation with David and I will let him share the rest in an article I have invited him to write)

David says:

Thank you, Greg, for your personal interest. It means a lot.

I am going to forward one site to you with a purpose, which I will explain when it comes.

Trumpets for Triumph:

Thank you again for the e-mail.

I will share a personal story with you, and then I will explain why.

In 2002 I was serving Thanksgiving dinner at a veteran’s home in Boise, Id. I met a man there at the age of 96; I was 42 at the time. I had the honor of having many conversations with Bret during my time in Boise, and during one of those visits I asked him, “what is the greatest thing you’ve learned throughout your lifetime?” He looked at me with his sly grin and said “how little I know”. Bret passed away some 6 months later, but his answer always stayed with me. For months I would ponder on his reply, wondering just how he meant it. I realized later it didn’t matter how he meant it, what mattered is how it was received.

I go through life now some 19 years later always remembering “how little I know – it has kept me grounded for the most part”.

I share that with you, because I had an opportunity to visit your blog. Although I have not completely read the entire blog, it isn’t one of those you simply read and put away. More like read a little and spend some time with it instead. 

You can get a feel for my frustration with the Church, by going to the faith page on Trumpets for Triumph. It is my opinion that the churches need to be reminded that evangelists are there to bring people to the church with their charisma. But once you’ve gather the flock, you have to have Apostles in place, that will walk with them in the word of God. We live in an acceptance society and our churches have followed that path.

I will be developing a page called “American Voices” I am inviting you to write an article that will be featured there. The article can be whatever has been put upon your heart / write about anything you’d like.

We will be tackling some of the issues with Schools and Churches over the next year, with the hopes of making some small difference. But we are told if we can change one heart, how grand that is! I won’t have the page ready for a bit, so please take your time in thought and prayer.

Thank you again with my best

Don and Deb say:

We are so glad that we saw your post on The Epoch Times/Trump Won Two-Thirds of the Election Lawsuits. We have been talking all the time about what we can do. Such a pleasure knowing there are people still out there holding on to the values of the UNITED STATES!!! The CONSTITUATION IS A MUST KEEP!!!! The document is what makes us what we are—faults and all!! Will be watching when you have your membership up and running and hope to join. In the mean time THANK YOU for getting something up that we can connect with other true Americans and binging able to read the true facts!

Thank you for checking in. We hope to have the membership up soon. Simply what we are trying to do is find a voice for all of us. I don’t know how we found ourselves in a world where the very fiber of who we are, has been stolen. We are inundated with far left ideologies, whether it is the transgender movement, the LGBTQ movement, the ANTIFA and BLM movement, or the Reparations movement that will be on the horizon.

We are simple people, but we can no longer stand by and let the American voices be dismissed. Although we are a Christian family and carry those beliefs upon our sleeves; this isn’t a Religious site, nor is it a political site. But for generations we have been taught the conversations to avoid are politics and religion, certainly they are the two most contentious. We are here to bring those conversations to the forefront. They are the two things that define us, as people and as patriots.

We attended the Jan. 06 rally and I will share something that I haven’t shared. It made me feel small. There I was in a crowd of hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of people (media won’t releases that number but the best estimate I have seen was 979,000) we believe it was more. But I found myself feeling insignificant. I think we all battle with that question, what difference can I make among so many?

I guess what brought me out of that was this; when I realized that the crowd itself was a small amount of people in the country that have lost their voice.

If that was 1/75th of the people that voted for President Trump (we believe that number was more as well) can you imagine what 75 million people would look like in ONE crowd? I think they can (the Nancy Pelosi’s and Chuck Schumer’s) they built a fence around themselves… at just the thought of it.

Please know always, YOU are not alone!

Wendy from Michigan says:

Good Morning Greg:

I too was proud and honored to be present in Washington on Jan 6th. I too, did not witness the horrible destruction that occurred. I didn’t even get to the capital bldg until nearly 3pm. I was in awe with the size of the Washington Monument and somewhat embarrassed that I’ve never been to Washington DC and I’ll be 60 yrs. old this year. I LOVE our country and felt the need to provide my presence to show my support for our community, state, country as a whole. The corruption is so deep, we cannot seem to grasp how deep it truly is. I feel like we have been completely abandoned from ALL of our representatives. I’m so very very disappointed about how many people have no clue about this ramped up takeover, government over reach, the great reset. Makes me sick to my stomach! I’m in Michigan with a horribly misguided, selfish, tyrannical Governor, Gretchen Whitmer. Michigan is a mess. I truly don’t know how to fix it. When people ask me what I do, I tell them “I’m a problem solver” and since I cannot seem to get a grasp on how to fix this–frustration on steroids has set in. I’m trying to stay educated and share information when and where I can.

Thank you again for all you do. God help us and God Bless America.

Trumpets for triumph: -this was a response to an earlier e-mail:

Karen asks:

I am wondering what happens WHEN we prove the election fraud. Can President Trump be put back into office?

Trumpets for triumph:

That would be beyond my scope of understanding. I could render an opinion. Personally, I don’t think they will ever reveal the truth to the American people. It will always be like “two men on the grassy knoll” with President Kennedy. It will be more likely that this administration will implode, and we will have to clean up the mess. President Trump has revealed the corruption, and many of us have been awakened. Not to say that many others in our history haven’t tried to sound the alarm. 

I do think the American voice can overcome, and although we need a strong leader rather than a puppet for the left, we have the strongest leader of them all. So now we give it to HIM – do the work he asks of us – and together we will succeed.

Best I got

Mark Asks:

88 million Twitter followers and 75 million votes?

People in my family voted for Trump and do not follow Twitter. Is it possible for someone to set up a website and ask all Trump voters to sign in, leave name and zip code so that these numbers could be verified against official county and state counts? The message would have to get out to every Trump voter in the contested state.

Make it simple and easy and then we can ask questions later. I want to know my vote was counted.

We only need to POLL a couple states and compare numbers. Thousands of WHITNESS’s in each district testifying that they cast their vote for Trump.
The problem with recounting fraudulent votes is they will forever be counted the same unless we the people get the opportunity to stand up and say I want my real vote counted.

Trumpets for Triumph:

Thank you for reaching out. The website you are talking about, was supposed to be called the Presidential election. Unfortunately they have corrupted that and very little information can be trusted. We know that they didn’t just commit fraud in the 6 swing states; they committed fraud throughout the entire country.

We are asked to believe that the majority of California voted to lower the age of consent to 11 yrs. old. We are asked to believe that the majority of Oregon voted to legalize Meth, LSD, and Heroine. We are ask to believe 3 additional states voted to legalize marijuana, even knowing that we now have a clearer picture of what that creates by looking at Colorado.

So you like many other Americans want to know that your voice and your vote count. Those will be the issues we hope to be dealing with over the next year. We are in a political environment where a small percentage that deem themselves as (oppressed) are trying to dictate policy to the majority of the population. 

I liken it to being in a room full of noise, and trying to hear yourself speak. But our attempt will be to turn their volume down, so the good American people can be heard.

Larry and Mary from SD say:

Linked to you via Epoch Times. So many sites out there but this one is outstanding and will bookmark it! Signed Petitions and signed up for your mailings. Also forwarded link to few friends. I was especially touched by your story on January 6 experience and thank you for sharing. This struck a cord and sure it will with friends who read it.

Looking forward to what you plan for June! We live in SD so hope event will be in WY.

Thank you and God Bless you.

Trumpets for Trump:

Thank you for reaching out to us. More importantly, thank you for being likeminded and recognizing that the America we know and love is in trouble. It will take a joined effort to make a difference, but when people ask, I simply respond: “they came too soon”. Had they attempted this in 20 years, it would have gone unquestioned. But there are too many good American people still left. We know that 5% of the population is trying to dictate policy for the other 95% and it is time we stand up and take our country back. 

We are not a call to arms, we are a call to voices, willing to speak the truth. As we have allowed our children to be raised by others (schools) many have been blinded to what is actually being taught. We are going to tackle these issues over the next year. We are not trying to distance ourselves from Democrats; many Dems believe the Democrat party still exists. For those of us that have not been blinded by the lies of main stream media, we know that party is a party of yesteryear. That party is now a platform of hate and deceit with far left ideologies, and they are willing to attack anyone that disagrees with them. 

We do believe in unity, and know that unity could never be accomplished under this administration. But as the good, god fearing, patriotic Democrats slowly come to an awakening, this won’t be about party lines, this will be a united front in standing against the evil that has been launched upon our nation.

You are right; we are flooded with people trying to get a voice. We are only saying, what everyone is hoping. But we walk in Faith and know all things will be done through HIM.

Thank you again, yes please share our website with as many, and as often as you can.

Linda says:

Dear Sir,

My husband and I would like to join.

Trumpets for Triumph:

We will be welcome have you. Our 75 million membership club should be up soon. We will be launching a “Hold the Line” rally about that time as well. We do have our American Voices page active, where people can write an article and submit it to the editor. That article can be about what is mostly troubling you about this administration. The condition our country is in. How the left extreme ideologies has affected you and your family. How hate has been allowed to be the democrats motivation. Anything God has laid upon your heart. I will attach your email to a mailing list that will be going out soon, to alert you to our new pages.

Thank you again for your support, and thank you for caring about the United States of America!

Ray Sr. from Michigan says:

I must say, I love the Trumpets for Trump/Trumpets for Triumph play on words! I believe your site is amongst the most “level-headed and in-line with true Conservativism” of the many conservative websites around right now.

Thanks for all of your efforts! Keep up the great work.

Best Regards,

Trumpets for Triumph:

Thank you for reaching out, and thank you for the kind words. We try to stay in the middle of this, we believe that there are some very good democrats that have been lied to, and simply don’t realize that the Democrat Party of yesteryear no longer exists. I think the happenings over the next year under Mr. Biden and his administration will wake them up. Many of the Democrats that bought into the “Hate Trump” platform with no plan or policy other than the far left ideologies will come to that conclusion.

We truly do believe in unity, and believe that it can be accomplished (certainly not under Biden & his cohorts) because hate and cancel culture is only a recipe for failure.

We will continue to post, and have some exciting things planned for the future. Hope you continue to log in and share us with all those looking for a home of likeminded people.

We are in for a short period of hardship, but those of us that are willing to stand, know that this country is certainly worth the effort – it is who we are, and why we are!

Colleen says:

Stop using the same mentioned entities that you abhor. Find a way for us to email your message to our contacts.

Trumpets for Trump:

We do appreciate you concern. WE personally do not use facebook or twitter to get our word out. But we do provide links on our pages for those that do. Why? That’s simple; those are the platforms that are available for many to communicate. We personally use gab, rumble, and we were trying to make a splash on Parler, but you see what happened there. 

We will be using the conservative platforms as they start to develop, but don’t ever be naïve enough to believe once we make a dent in both facebook and twitter, their money won’t simply go to supporting the new platforms. They may not want our voices heard, but they certainly don’t want to lose the revenue. Where the consumer goes, the money is soon to follow.

Our Federal Tort / which names big tech / is an effort to hold them accountable for trying to control the narratives, which cost us one of the greatest President this country has ever had, but more importantly it is costing us our children’s concepts.

We are going to shout it from the mountaintops, by whatever means possible, and I see the irony in it if we can use the very platforms they profit from to… bring them down.

Hope that explains some of your concerns, we are all in this together, and standing right there with you shoulder to shoulder.

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