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Biden Secretary of State Pick Caught on Hunter’s Laptop, Linked To Chinese Funding


Tony Blinken, the Biden administration’s nominee for Secretary of State, managed a Joe Biden project that received millions of anonymous Chinese donor dollars. Blinken appeared a handful of times in emails found on Hunter Biden’s laptop agreeing to advise Hunter Biden when Hunter worked at the scandal-plagued firm Rosemont Seneca Partners. The Obama State Department set up a meeting between Hunter and Blinken which was postponed, and the two met two months later in 2015.

Hunter Biden coordinated introductions between Blinken and his associates, and Blinken was named in an email in connection to a shady prospective deal involving the federal government and Amtrak, a company that previously had Hunter Biden on its board. NATIONAL FILE, which obtained most of the contents of Hunter’s laptop, features the most relevant Tony Blinken-Hunter Biden emails below.

Will these issues complicate Blinken’s bid to become Joe Biden’s Secretary of State? Blinken sat for his confirmation hearing, where he counted neocon support including from Lindsey Graham. But Blinken has yet to be confirmed by the Senate. Blinken’s nomination heads to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Monday with a confirmation vote this week. Blinken’s link to Biden’s China dealings is especially concerning.

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