House to deliver article of impeachment against Donald Trump to Senate on Monday

Trumpets For Trump

More than a week after the House voted to impeach former President Trump, Democrats in the chamber will deliver the one article of “incitement of insurrection” to the Senate Monday evening. 

The impeachment article faces an uncertain future in the Senate where Republicans, who would with Democrats preside over the trial as jurors, have argued the entire proceeding is unnecessary because Trump is already out of office and would only result in dividing an already split country even further.

GOP Sen. Marco Rubio called the impeachment trial “stupid” and said he would vote to end it the first chance he gets.

“I think the trial is stupid,” the Florida Republican said on “Fox News Sunday.” “We already have a flaming fire in this country,” he said, adding that trying Trump would douse it with a “bunch of gasoline.”

“The first chance I get to vote to end this trial I’ll do it,” he said.

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) said he and some of his Republican colleagues think conducting a trial after Trump has already vacated the office is unconstitutional.

“I think a lot of Americans are going to think it’s strange that the Senate is spending its time trying to convict and remove from office a man who left office a week ago,” Cotton said​ on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures.”

​Sen. Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader in the Senate, pressed Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to delay the beginning of the trial for two weeks to allow Trump to assemble a legal team and compile a defense against the charge, and the New York Democrat agreed.

“Given the unprecedented speed of the House’s process, our proposed timeline for the initial phases includes a modest and reasonable amount of additional time for both sides to assemble their arguments before the Senate would begin to hear them,” McConnell (R-Ky.) said.