I have been going to write this article for some time now.  I wanted to gather my thoughts and digest the experience we were part of. Today is Jan. 18th – 12 days after what will now be known as the breach on the Capitol.

This is reminiscent of another time in history, where this nation’s young men and women were asked to travel overseas and fight for the freedoms of this country, only to return home to be spat upon, ridiculed, and shamed for their participation. It seems fitting that the old guard that occupies that building, are the very same draft dodgers, pot smokers, and flower children of that era. (Let me first clarify, that I am not comparing the sacrifice that our young men and women made in Viet-Nam to that of Jan. 06 / only the behaviors that seem to be un-learned)

And in their defense: “I did not inhale”

I will not be shamed for attending this rally, march, protest – nor will I allow anyone to spit in my direction for our participation.

Let me describe our experience, and I am speaking for my wife and I. We stand strong in our convictions. We traveled a total of 7,280 miles over the period of 9 days, and we were blessed to see an overwhelming part of this country….and I stand in AWE.

Our drive from Wyoming into Washington DC was grueling and uneventful. We arrived into Virginia the night of 4th, and wanted to drive into the city during daylight hours on the morning of the 5th. As we approached the city, I had hoped for traffic jams that would last for miles, in anticipation of those that would be coming. But there was none of that, and I could feel the fear and disappointment mounting. Had we traveled this distance for nothing?  Would they come?

We drove into the city the morning of the 5th; we were coming from Virginia looking for the route the locals would be prone to use. That route brought us into DC out toward Georgetown, and I still marvel at the view from the two lane road we were traveling. Here we were, Washington DC, the United States Capitol, the Capitol of this Nation and the country that we both love so dearly.

As we drove into the city across the Potomac, we found ourselves on Constitution Avenue. How fitting, because we were there to represent the Constitution of the United States, and the rights in which this country was founded. There was a heavy police presence throughout the city. Roadways were barricaded, and entryways to the Capitol and the White house had all been blocked, so there was very little sightseeing available. We ran into a handful of Trump Supporters, but all in all, there was very little presence. I could feel my spirit sink hoping it was not all in vain. We navigated the city for a few hours to get our bearings, looking for areas we could park the car for the next day’s rally, if the crowd was to come. We had witnessed Antifa at many other Trump Rallies, just as many of you have, and had decided to stay in Virginia to try to prevent any altercations. So just like that, we left DC and drove about 20 miles out, and found a comfortable and safe hotel.

The next morning Jan. 06, 2021

We woke up early, and left the room about 5:30 hoping to beat the traffic & headed back into the city. I took the wrong exit, and had to maneuver my way back to DC via Baltimore. I share that with you, because it turned out on that day, God’s hand was upon us. The GPS was navigating us into Washington DC via city streets to avoid the road closures. It still wasn’t light out & here we were popping in and out of city streets, acting like we knew what we were doing, acting as if we belonged. Little did we know – Just how much we belonged / at that moment / at that time.

GPS had navigated us through to D Street all the while avoiding the barricades that had been placed around the city. Over to 2nd St SE, over to 1st, brought us into DC directly at the doorstep of the Capitol of the United States of America with the Library of Congress just across the way. Deep into the heart of the city, where they had left the barricades down so congress could get in, I could feel the excitement building, feeling a little bad for the prayer warrior at my side, not giving her much time to enjoy it or soak it all in. But we were here if DC on a mission; would they come?

Up 1st Street NE. hang a left onto Maryland / around the north of the Capitol / and off to the left we could see activity starting to appear. A cop car moved briefly out of the intersection / we took advantage of his move, hung a quick left at the intersection, and a hard left down a one way to enter the Capitol Building parking area, just at the pool. Although dusk was just arriving, a large crowd of Trump supporters had already gathered, maybe a crowd of 800 to 900 people / but God had landed us just where we needed to be. I can’t describe the comfort that I felt, even in a crowd of strangers. But our adventure had just begun; it looked as if, they were going to come.

American flags flying everywhere / Trump supporters even at that hour, were coming in from all directions. It was cold out that morning; you could feel the Atlantic Ocean in the air. We had brief conversations with many of the Patriots in the parking area and prepared to make the 1.2 mile walk to the Presidential Park where the rally was to be held. As we started to walk, they started to come, and the more we walked, the more they came. These amazing patriots had answered the call. Our nation is in trouble, and these people weren’t only here to see President Trump. They were here to lend a voice, to yell it from shore to shore.  This rally wasn’t simply about the election fraud which we were exposed to. This rally was about the tyranny that has been unleashed upon our nation, by the very shepherds that were elected to watch over us.

As we reached the Presidential Park, just across from the Washington Monument, about 7:30 that morning, people were starting to pour in from all directions.  By 8 o’clock we were completely engulfed within the crowd. I have to tell you, I have never felt such emotion. Tears would well up in my eyes at every glance, and just as I thought I couldn’t be more overwhelmed, more people would arrive. I have never experienced such pride in people, but if you needed your faith restored in humanity – THIS was the very place to be.

President Trump was scheduled to speak at 11:00; we now had been in this crowd for about 4 hours. It was a cold brisk morning, and the crowd had grown to a size that is beyond your imagination. We could see to the south, people stretched all the way to Potomac Park, to the west out past the Washington Monument to Independence, to the east past the Presidential Park over to Pennsylvania, and to the north we could see a string of people up Constitution all the way to the Capitol. There was very little room for movement, and I have to say, I am proud of my wife, she is the patient one, not a moment went by, that she wasn’t completely taken up in the moment.

President Trump was late; we had been consumed by the crowd going on 5 hours. It was me who became impatient, and I started working us through the crowd prior to the closing of President Trump’s speech. We had been moving through the crowd for about 25 minutes, at a very slow pace, with no end in sight, trying to find a place that wasn’t occupied. We were still deep in the crowd when President Trump’s speech ended and the crowd began to shift toward the Capitol.

I felt a sense of relief as the crowd started to move, it looked as if we would find a free space. The crowd was beyond polite; the atmosphere was that of excitement, purpose, and belonging.

I turned 61 on that day / Jan. 06, 2021 / I could not have asked for a better birthday!

The entire crowd started to march down Constitution toward the Capitol building. We had found freedom to move, and as most men do when they have their loved ones with them, your awareness kicks in, you become more alert to your surroundings. My wife is bouncing around like a jack rabbit to capture pictures of the event. I am trying to keep close watch on her, and close watch on the crowd. I am overwhelmed at the amount of people streaming toward the Capitol. Constitution Avenue is completely full. Pennsylvania Ave to our left is completely full. Off to our right on Madison, Jefferson, and Independence Avenue people are marching as well.

What we didn’t know then, but we do know now – is that to the North of the Capitol beyond our view – thousands of people had gathered as well.

As we marched down Constitution, trying to capture this Kodak moment – people were engaging with one another, helping those that couldn’t help themselves, signing petitions of those that had gathered, and of course there were the vendors capitalizing on the crowd. The march back to the Capitol seemed to go by quickly, with brief moments where people would stop to let their voices be heard “DO YOUR JOB” & phrases like “F*** ANTIFA” – This crowd wasn’t there to lay siege upon the Capitol; this crowd was there to protect the very foundations in which this country was built upon.

We reached the Capitol parking lot, where we had parked some 7 hours earlier. My primary goal was to check to make sure we hadn’t been towed (we had been told that this was a stunt the Mayor had pulled on previous DC rallies) and make sure we hadn’t been vandalized (again we had been warned this was a tactic of Antifa organizers). But having verified that we were still safe, and as our vehicle got swallowed up by the crowd; we moved forward toward the Capitol Building; not yet knowing it had been breached from the NORTH side.

As we moved forward up the hill my wife was trying to get to higher ground, so she could capture a picture of the enormous crowd. We heard chants such as “WHO’S HOUSE – OUR HOUSE “a pretty legitimate claim, beings it’s the AMERICAN people that keep the lights on in our government buildings. I could hear the frustration in people’s voices, but I think it was more a cry of desperation, although many of us won’t admit to it. When we just don’t know what else to do, we cry out – many of us do that in prayer, although we may not recognize it as prayer at the time, it is prayer all the same. We do our jobs, we abide by the law, we have moral integrity, we pay our bills & taxes, and we strive to give our children a better future. OUR government officials have been serving themselves, rather than the people that elected them, for far too long.

As the old guard has occupied that house, they have forgotten its RIGHTFUL owner.

I will say that the crowd at the Capitol was more intense than the crowd in the park, as all streets were emerging the Capitol was engulfed in the crowd. The experience was overwhelming, but never frightening. We were never witness to the altercations with the Capitol police, and most of this crowd was unaware.  Those happenings had occurred prior to the majority of Trump Supporters reaching the Capitol grounds. I will say I stood in witness of people climbing and swinging from the inauguration staging; my climbing and swinging days have long since passed.

I took my wife as far as I could safely take her; not once did she feel threatened, quite the opposite, she was still looking for the Kodak moment. But as (what I now know as professional rioters) were trying to entice the crowd, it was time for us to retreat. If I am guilty of trespass, I will certainly own that, most conservatives do….the question is:

Will the liberals ever own up to their involvement / their crimes against the Nation / their manipulation of the American People / their agenda to create chaos / their degradation of an American President /  that list goes ON and ON / including but not limited to corruption and election fraud.

Let me tell you what I didn’t see:  news coverage of any major network; (does it strike anybody as strange, that the largest event ever to be held in the Capitol of our country that there was no branded network there to cover it?) Certainly there were reporters in the crowd, but none of which were wearing a press tag advertising their network. I briefly spoke to one that informed me “he had no skin in the game” / little did I know just how much “skin” these networks have… in the game.

Later reporting uncovered, that the breach on the Capitol had been reported prior to the breach or any altercations. How could that be possible? Part of the frustration with the people that gathered here (and what should concern every American citizen) is the networks that are influencing people across this nation, and across the world, have been miss-reporting, simply not reporting, or misrepresenting the facts that are available to them.

If you are not aware, or have not been awakened by the recent censorship….we are in an information war. Our Federal Tort is an attempt to hold those responsible for keeping American citizens from learning or seeking the truth. 

I refuse to allow those that are controlling this narrative to SHAME me for the happenings of Jan. 06, 2021. Am I happy about the breach on one of our Nation’s Treasures, one of our most sacred Institutions? I am horrified like rest of this nation, but I refuse to bend. Do not read my article as justification for those who broke the law, but we are ALL just people that are in this storm together, and if we continue to let them divide us – we most certainly will fall.

I have watched the shameful manner in which the left has mocked and criticized our God. I have been exposed to a Presidential candidate that has stated he wishes we taught Islam in our schools. I have watched the Democrats take God out of the pledge of allegiance. I’ve laid witness to a house speaker removing the words mother, father, sister, brother. I have watched congress as they used the words Amen and Awomen / AS IF the two remotely belong together. I have watched as Wikipedia has re-defined the meanings of words. I have watched as our social platforms re-directed people to their preferred sites. I have watched as they’ve influenced a racial war in the name of George Floyd. I have watch as they’ve allowed anti-government extremists burn our cities down. I have watched as a virus was released on our population from a foreign nation with only President Trump raising the alarm to their involvement, only to be called a xenophobe, racist, and bigot.  So what I can say to this is that the left has crossed every line in the sand that’s been drawn over the last few decades. I refuse to back step one more time, this is the line you WILL NOT cross.

I went off on a rant there; but this is only part of the reason we are here to lift our voices.

As we came off the Capitol grass, and made our way back to the car, we sat there for hours, as the crowd was starting to dissipate & shared photos with one another that captured the moments. Still very proud of the day we had just experienced, and more proud of the people that had come to meet the challenge; not yet knowing of the full events that happened without our knowledge. A couple of older gentlemen, one with a bad hip, and the other with a bad knee (I would guess not the Capitol storming type) asked if we could give them a ride to their downtown hotel, about 3 miles as the crow flies (but I would estimate about 12 miles for those of us without wings.) I refused at first, strangers in a strange land, but after a little consideration, and I would say a little encouragement from my better half, I submitted. After all, we are from Wyoming where people are generous by nature and trusting for the most part. A handshake here isn’t just a hollow gesture; it still carries a great deal of meaning between men.

We dropped the two men off at their hotel, after negotiating the Washington DC traffic, and we headed back into Virginia where we had reserved the room. We stopped briefly at the hotel, prior to going out to eat, and there it was – the news of the breach – the news of the storming – the news of an armed assault – the news of rioters who had converged on the city – the narrative that was already starting to grow, domestic terrorists, white nationalists, white supremacists, right wing Christian extremists. Talk about a jaw dropping experience, and a personal let down – from one of the most memorable experiences – to one of the most questionable experiences.  But I will not let them rob me. They can spin their narrative as it suits them; but it will certainly not be the way we remember that day.

I will stop here and do a summary, although there is much more to share about the return trip home.

To each of you that showed up the day of January 6, 2021 you have overwhelmed me, filled me with pride, restored my faith in people, and given me purpose. Thank you for being there, thank you for all that you do for this country, the manner in which you carry yourself, the integrity in which it takes to stand engrained upon God and principles.

I would like to thank each person that has defended this nation; those that have died in defending its honor. Thanks to those that have built it, enriched it, and continued to make it flourish as it has allowed us the opportunity to flourish with it. Thank you to all those that make a contribution to it, raised your family in a patriotic manner, honored the American flag, and stay true to your faith. For it is HE who provides ALL things.

Thank you to President Donald J Trump for all that you have endured, and the accomplishments you made in such a trying time. For exposing the corruption to the American people that has lasted for decades and gone on far too long. They call it insurrection when exposing their secrets; we call it transparency and have a constitutional right to know it.

To the left wing extremists – well played, but know that it was only one battle, the war has just begun. Without God you are on the losing team.

To the Democrats – enjoy your fraudulent victory, it will be short lived. You have made a mockery of our founding fathers, our constitution, and our governmental institutions. As you once walked through the hallowed halls of congress, they have now become hollow halls where you will hear nothing more than the echoes of your own voices.

And to GOD I would say…. AMEN!   (The rest is between HIM and I)

I am the author / my name is Greg Stocks / and I am PROUD to be an AMERICAN!!!

I encourage everyone that was present to write their memoires of this day, because history is the only thing that will define how Jan. 06, 2021 is viewed – I view it as the birth of our NEW NATION for many of God’s people have been awakened.

**On a lighter note: I would also encourage everyone to scan as many photos of Woodstock that you can find, I have a suspicion that you will find people such as Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the parents of Adam Schiff sharing the love. They seem to have a habit of spitting upon the American Warriors.

Stay well Constitutional Warriors / God Bless You / and God Bless America