Strike One - Ball Three - At Bat and Still In The Game!

Trumpets for Trump is a grassroots Campaign organized in Rock Springs, Wyoming.

The intention of the rally is to HONOR President Donald J. Trump nationwide.

Our official launch is set for Dec. 14, 2020 – you will recognize the significance of that date. The Rally itself will be scheduled for Jan. 20, 2021.

As we watched OUR President make an exhaustive campaign effort – To, For, and on Behalf of the American People. We were also exposed to the former Vice President – holding car rallies, where in the background you might hear a faint honk, honk from his supporters.

So OUR intent is this: Because we know it is not feasible for EVERY Trump supporter to march upon Washington DC to right this injustice, we are organizing a nation wide HORN honking rally. We will be asking this Nation, as well as any other interested Nation, to JOIN us in honoring President Donald J. Trump for the impact he has made on the American People & beyond. The EVENT is to be held on Jan. 20, 2021 12:00PM EST (traffic horns, ship horns, factory horns, truck horns, railway horns and even custom horns made for the occasion).

One of two things will happen:

  1. Former Vice President Biden will be sworn into an office that he fraudulently acquired and he will hear the disdain of the American People
  2. OR, preferably, there will be an unmatched CELEBRATION come Inauguration Day!

Trumpets For President Trump - Appreciation Day

We are in the process of writing our state Senators, Mike Enzi & John Barrasso and now Cynthia Lummis, to see if we can influence them to bring a bill to the Senate Floor. That bill will be designed to recognize a national day of honor in this President’s name. The name of that day is to be called “Trump Appreciation Day”

It has been due to President Donald J. Trump that many of the government’s dealings performed on behalf of, but without the knowledge of, the American People, have had a great light cast upon them.

For the many great accomplishments President Trump has accomplished in four years in spite of meeting opposition and contempt throughout his term.

For the love of his country - that has been so easily recognized.

Please add my name to those who support a President Trump appreciation day.

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